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  What is Geodesign?

In this course, you will learn the basics of Geodesignhub, a leading collaborative design and project management tool.

Decisions around management of our cities, regions and communities has serious long-term impacts on the future for the environment, economy and the social fabric of a place. Geodesignhub is a map-based collaboration software that helps decision makers make informed decisions with data and technology that facilitates negotiations. Delivered as a web-based software as a service (, the software is used by 6-60 people in meetings where strategy and decisions around the future management of a place are to be taken. The software is utilized to facilitate negotiations between different stakeholders to build a co-ordinated strategy of management and intervention. This can be "new interventions" or a prioritization of existing ones. Once the negotiated outcomes have been developed, Geodesignhub focuses on enabling execution of the negotiations.

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